stupid little things i wrote


Bruised souls

He, with the sun in his eyes and his heart on his sleeve. sung only for her. She, with the moon in her hair and bruises on her soul sung only to herself.



Its 2am and I wish I could sleep. But my hands are shaking and the clock is speaking in monotone reminding me of the time I once held you and it felt like the waves of the ocean refusing to stop kissing the shore line no matter how many times it was pushed away. Its 2am and drops of liquor and arrogance roll down my checks and land to met you in the wonderland I created of despising you missing you. its 2 am and my mind replays the memories of our secrets whispered in the bitter cold moonlight as  a shield from tomorrow and reality. Its 2am and I wish I could sleep. 


Melodies from the moon

And I remember that night with the moonlight as my melody. I remember closing my eyes watching your words light up the dark spaces in my mind. And I remember you said you’d never give up on me. But the moon has stopped singing and you’re walking away, and my fingers reach out to stop it, But I remember i’m the one that told it to leave. 


sugar-coated smiles

And there we sat; on the roof of her house, counting the endless stars. But as she watched the stars, I watched the way her eyes reflected them, and the way her lips slightly quivered in the cold. I watched the way her hair fell into her eyes and my fingers twitched because I desperately wanted to move it away. And I watched as her sugar-coated smile dissolved into the atmosphere for only a second. But in that second I saw the entire universe sing to her. And all her thoughts rang out into the darkness like an echoic acoustic of her fear of falling, but desire to jump. 



Your words hung heavy like smoke in the air and they crept their way into my lung and stung my eyes. And although they hurt; I was addicted, And although I knew they were slowly killing me; I needed them.



things i drop

  • my phone
  • my food 
  • my pens
  • my grades
  • the bass 

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